Nissan Versa is a Small Car Big on Performance

Whoever said you can’t get big performance from a small car has never owned or driven the Nissan Versa, a popular subcompact sedan. What the Versa lacks in size, it more than makes up for in performance. Interested in hearing more? Stop at Kuhio Nissan and get all the information you need on the Nissan Versa models.

Nissan knows that when you want performance, you look to the engine and transmission, so they offer you a choice of an auto transmission or a 5-speed manual transmission, both of which provide fast acceleration and smooth handling. The 1.6L engine, which gives you 31-39 mpg, is proof that you don’t have to sacrifice efficiency for good performance.

If you’re still not convinced the Nissan Versa model range is all that and more, we’d love the opportunity to convince you. Stop at our Nissan showroom, and we’ll set you up for a test drive that will make you an instant believer!



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