Nissan Rogue Sport Intelligent Mobility System Enhances Safety

The new Nissan Rogue Sport is a popular and stylish midsize luxury SUV. The Rogue Sport provides drivers with the convenience of the Nissan Mobility system. The system provides a number of useful tools that include intelligent all-wheel drive as well as driver awareness systems.

Even though the Nissan Rogue Sport is a capable and surefooted SUV, it gets extra support from the proprietary all-wheel drive system. The all-wheel drive system provides 4-wheel drive performance when necessary and 2-wheel drive fueling efficiency whenever possible.

In addition to the intelligent all-wheel drive system, the Nissan SUV includes several dynamic driver assist technologies. For example, the Rogue Sport Intelligent Engine Braking system takes the edge and strain off of the regular brakes by using the engine to slow the vehicle whenever possible. This results in smoother stops and also greatly improves fuel efficiency.

Another useful tool in the box is the Intelligent Terrain Control system. This gives drivers added support during performance turns, and can actually prevent the occurrence of understeer.



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