Why is Windshield Wiper Fluid Important?

Have you ever wondered why vehicles are fitted with windscreen, or rather windshield, wipers? Most people don't give attention to the significance of these wipers until one is caught in a rain storm, snow storm or when the windshield is dirty. Windshield wipers are designed to wipe any flowing water or splashed mud on the windscreen to enhance the vision of the driver by clearing water and mud.

The equipment comers along with washers that are connected to the water system to splash water on the screen in case of splashed mud or other debris. The washer and wipers are powered by the electric supply of the vehicle. The blades and the washer are thus turned on with the aid of an electrical switch fitted immediately below the steering wheel. Once turned on, the blades move in side to side and upward and downward movements, simultaneously clearing any mud or dust stuck on the windscreen glass. This helps in maintaining a clear vision to help avoid any accident incidents.

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