Examine Your Dashboard Warning Lights for Safety

Knowing what is going on under the hood of your vehicle is an important factor in being a responsible driver. Luckily, with recent technological advances, most cars have warning lights that illuminate on the dashboard to indicate what issues could be going on. Another great little bit of knowledge is to take note of what color the image appears in.

A red icon typically indicates a potentially serious malfunction or important reminder. A yellow or orange light indicates your car needs service soon. A green or blue light shows that a system is on or operating. Here are some of the most common warning lights you could possibly see illuminated in red:

  • Brake warning
  • Engine coolant temperature
  • Oil level or oil pressure (usually same light)
  • Charging system warning
  • Seat belt indicator
  • Door ajar
  • Low fuel
  • Windshield washer fluid
  • Tire pressure (too high or too low)
  • Check engine
  • Engine start system
  • Service reminders

Warning lights that would be illuminated in blue/green or yellow/orange include:

  • Headlamp indicator
  • High beam light
  • Turn signals
  • Fog lamps (rear or front)

If you see any of your dashboard warning lights and you have cause for concern, bring your vehicle to the Kuhio Nissan auto repair facility here in Lihue, HI.

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