Are There Different Types of Spare Tires?

It's never fun having to change a tire on the side of the road, but did you know that there are two different kinds of spare tires? We here at Kuhio Nissan of Lihue are here to break down the differences.

The first type is a true, full-sized spare tire. This is identical to the type you are using on your car now. The second type is a compact temporary - or donut - tire. It is very important to note that a donut tire typically comes with speed restrictions. That is because they were simply designed to be used for short periods of time and only until you can get your car to a trusted service center so that a new tire can be installed.

If you are looking for tire replacement services, then look no further than our Nissan dealership. We want to make sure you get safely back on the road with new tires for the best possible price.

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