Remote Technology in the Nissan Kicks

Bulky keys that weigh you down are a thing of the past with the Nissan Kicks. This all-new subcompact SUV is available with an Intelligent Key. It communicates wirelessly with the vehicle to perform many convenient functions. We here at Kuhio Nissan are excited to show you how the Kicks can change the way you drive.

Each time you approach the Kicks, it reads the information on your key FOB. As long as the FOB is in your pocket or bag, you can gain access to your vehicle. You don't have to take the small device out to unlock the doors. Simply touch the door handle and get in.

The system also lets you turn the Kicks on from the comfort of your own home. You can start the engine before you even get in so that it has time to adjust the temperature and make things comfortable. This feature is great for those cold winter days.



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